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Zogby Legal, works with some of the most top rated, and reputable, Riverside car accident  lawyers. Our group of attorneys is changing how consumers interact with lawyers. We work 1:1 with each client, and provide the best possible service, and results. Our team of Riverside personal injury attorneys believes that clients get the best results, when lawyers take on fewer clients – and instead provide more service to the clients they choose to work with. The philosophy of fewer clients, better results is what Zogby Legal revolves around.


Riverside Car Accident Lawyers Here To Help

Life’s full of surprises. If you find yourself, the victim of a personal injury – the lawyer you call, can be more important than the injury itself. If you hire a low quality riverside car accident attorney, you may find yourself unable to pay your bills, and recover significantly less money. Zogby Legal, consists of the leading Riverside car accident lawyers, that work with you in order to understand if you have a case, and how much money you can potentially recover from it.

From your very first call to Zogby Legal, you’ll speak to someone who is not only interested in learning about what happened to you, but more importantly is concerned with how he/she can help you recover from your injuries. Everything we do, whether it be referring you to a doctor, helping you get your car repaired, or filing a lawsuit – is in pursuit of the fact we believe you deserve money for your pain, suffering, and injuries. Our team of Riverside personal injury attorneys is available 24/7, to help you. In many instances, our lawyers meet our clients at the scene of the accident, or at a location convenient to the client(such as the hospital, home, place of employment). We are there, when you need us.



We believe in concierge customer service

Each and every client is important, regardless of the extent of their injuries. We offer risk free consultations, right over the phone, or in person with one of our team members. You’ll meet with a trial attorney, who will listen to your situation, and provide a frank assessment of your case. If our trial attorneys don’t believe you have a case, they’ll be upfront. We understand that being the victim of a personal injury is a hardship on you, and your family – that’s why we have a 100% honesty policy. We tell you upfront, if you have a case.



Why you should pick Zogby Legal

Zogby Legal’s team of Riverside car accident lawyers never charge a fee, unless they win your case. This is known as a contingency fee basis. There are no upfront fees. If we are unable to win your case, then there are no fees. The only time we get paid, is if/when we settle your case. We pay for all of the upfront costs associated with your case.

Every case is different, and not all cases follow the same steps. Some complex cases can take years to settle. If you’re the victim of a personal injury, you have one opportunity to pursue, and win, a claim for your injuries. As a result, picking the best Riverside car accident attorney is extremely important, in order to get the results you deserve. One of the benefits of working with our law firm, is the fact we come to you. Being injured shouldn’t mean you can’t get legal help. We understand traveling can be difficult, when you’re injured. In order to help, our Riverside personal injury lawyers have no problem coming to you, or conducting business over the phone.


What type of injuries do we handle?

Our firm handles virtually every type of personal injury. Under California law, a personal injury can be anything which results in another party being harmed, due to negligence, or accident. Under this definition, the victim is entitled to damages(compensation for the losses they suffered). Here are some personal injuries our firm handles:

Car Accidents: Each year, over 100,000 injuries occur due to car accidents. Over 500 victims lose their lives, in the Los Angeles area. Our team of Riverside car accident attorneys have over 50 years of combined experience, helping victims.

Motorcycle Accidents: There are thousands of motorcycle accidents in Southern California, each year. Almost 100 deaths occur, each year, due to these accidents. Motorcyclists, are often at greater risk of injuries than car drivers.

Pedestrian Accidents: Due to the large number of vehicles in Southern California, many pedestrians often find themselves being sideswiped, or even run over, by cars. Typically, drivers are negligent, and careless, which results in pedestrians being hurt.


After your injury, here’s what you should do

The first thing you should do is get medical attention. It’s extremely important you document all of your injuries, to your attending physician/first responder. It’s crucial you report these injuries, because it creates a paper trail which will be necessary later in the legal process. When you go to court, or file a personal injury claim, what you say to the doctors will matter greatly. We typically recommend that victims do their best to document the scene of the accident. Take as many pictures as possible, and secure witnesses who support your statements.

Once you’ve gotten initial medical treatment at the hospital, speak to our car accident attorneys. Once you hire us, we start working on your case. Typically, our team of personal injury attorneys will contact the defendant, and/or the defendant’s insurance company. We’ll bring to their attention, the injuries and damages you’ve suffered – and our intention to collect for damages. Typically, at this stage – the insurance company will either accept responsibility, or fight the claim. If they do the latter, we will begin the process of filing a lawsuit. In order to file this lawsuit, our personal injury law firm will conduct an investigation into the accident. That means collecting evidence, reviewing police reports, securing expert witnesses, and finding other relevant information. Our firm will reach out to the necessary medical service providers, and get your records.

Our goal during this process is to build a case, that is supported by evidence and testimony – proving the other party was at fault. Once you’ve concluded your medical treatments, we will get a final medical report – and present it to the opposing insurance company. We’ll assess the financial losses you’ve suffered, past, present, and future, and include this in our claim. At this stage, the insurance company will either accept, or reject, our demand letter. If they reject it, we proceed with going to court.


Who can you sue?

Personal injury lawsuits can be filed against any party whose negligence was responsible for your injuries. That means anyone from a doctor, to a hospital, to a motor vehicle driver, can be sued. If a property owner is negligent, and does not maintain his premises, then you can sue him as well. Another example, would be the manufacturer of a product: if a product manufacturer knowingly creates products with defects in them, then you can sue the manufacturer.


Whose responsible, legally, for my injuries?

Typically, when a Riverside car accident lawyer looks to file a claim, he/she will look to see that there is a responsible party. In order to prove a party was responsible, the attorney will look for proof that establishes the party was liable for your injuries. One of the foundations behind any personal injury claim, is being able to prove the other party was intentionally negligent, and thus, liable, for your injuries.

Intentional Wrongdoing

This is a type of liability, where someone intentionally did something to harm you. For example, if someone intentionally runs you over with their car, or shoots their gun at you: these are examples of intentional wrongdoings.


Every party is responsible for their actions, that cause injuries to another person. If another party did not behave responsibly, and caused you injuries – our team of Riverside personal injury attorneys can file a claim on your behalf. During a negligence trial, a judge/jury will try to establish what a normal person/company would have done — and how the responsible party didn’t.

At the end of the day, the most important component of any personal injury claim is damages. If you have no damages, whether it be financial damages, or property damages, then you have no claim. Without damages, there is nothing to pursue.

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